Two month leave of absence? Sorry!

In a snapshot:

I’ve romped New York;

Over the experience, I tuned into two things: a.) my camera isn’t that terrible and that maybe I can put up with it! …also, b.) I want a new camera, anyway…haha. I’m hoping to scoop together that money over the holiday season! 🙂 I’ve already suggested no presents from my mother this year, just a bit of money to help me save up. (I feel like I’ve sucked part of the joy from Christmas/Chanukkah, though!)

My aunt, uncle, and cousin were our guides. They live about forty to fifty minutes from the city, tucked right inside of New Jersey. We also walked the “Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure (Greater New York)”. I stayed away from running it: I did not want to risk getting lost among gallons of people in Central Park! Maybe if I were more familiar with the city, first!

Being a “country girl” (have a mentioned this before? Cows are my neighbors and my absolute best friend when I was little was a goat!), New York City started out as overwhelming. But I thought I would love it, and I did! Still: the little, tiny prickle of desire it gave me to want to go to college there, in the city, was overridden by a quirky dream I know I will never get over – going to school in New England, then buying a ginormous plot of farmland + historical home, and starting an organic dairy/veggie farm. It’s odd, and random, and weird! But I swear, I daydream about it! It just feels like such a warm, pleasant, settled future.

Fresh bread from Zabar’s topped off the trip, and made it amazing! 🙂

But, the biggest thing to happen over my time away:

Nearly the entire cross-country season!

I dropped off the blogosphere right before pre-season training started. I pushed through that well, but I think the additional obligation is what pushed me away from blogging!

…though, there is so much to talk about, and a lot I feel towards my first year of XC. I can defiantly say: it is worthy of its own post! It’ll be long, leaking with gooshy emotion, and I’ll get right to work on it!

I’d also love to chatter on about drama club + art, and push out some frustrations I’ve been having…that’s going to wait a little bit, still! Honestly, I have so much I want to catch up on… 🙂

Goodnight, friends. 😀

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