Mental Race


Did NOT go very good!!

Nerves beat me up too badly before the race. My head hurt and my stomach was turning…not great physical circumstances to be running under!

I’m upset with my time, but I know I need to move past it. Still, it frustrates me–it was an easy course, and I wish I had taken a more full advantage of that! Feeling as “yuck” as I did, I didn’t even have the motivation to push myself…so, I let myself stay way too comfortable (pace-wise!) for the entire race.

I ended up running a 23:28. I really believe I could have ran at least a 21:30; in fact, a girl on my team who I’ve ran slightly faster times than for half of our races ran a 21:07. Really, I wish I could have been as confident as she had been–for me, so much of this was a mental race. And, unfortunately, I’m a little slow in that area!!

But; all is done! I need to move on. One more week in the season–wow, districts on Friday?! After running with the team for four months, it doesn’t even feel real that it’s ending at the end of this week. Hopefully, that’ll give me the motivation to push myself as hard as I can manage this week, and to kill districts. Last week…last race! No reason not to use off all the energy that’s left in me!

And, my Mother promised to let me get my first professional massage done the day after districts. 😉 Ahah, okay, now that is where I’ll be looking to for my strongest bursts of motivation!!

Anywho, dinner…

Ezekiel English muffin with organic cheese + hummus…

Kitty cup ‘o edamame…

And, chayote squash with apple cider vinegar + sea salt, pepper, and dried thyme.

Goodbye and good-night!! 🙂

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