Laying Down a Plan!

Two important life lessons fun things I’ve learned from Pinterest;

“Use cookie cutters to make pancake shapes.”


“Don’t peel the egg – just cut through and get it out with a spoon.”

(Both images credited to their rightful owners, pulled from Pinterst!)

When I’m trying to mend stress and organize myself, I always seem to toss the blame for my problems out towards what I’m experiencing externally. Even though, as I’m starting to better sort-out, I really should be working more internally + emotionally!

Because – most of my “problems” are only wisps of fog in the outside world. But in my head, I pull at them until they’re ginormous storm clouds washing through my mind. Meaning, I over-think and create problems that are barely even there, in reality…if at all!

So, I’m finally really, really, ready to barrel roll into the coming week, bent on fixing this habit…working on solving internal/emotional problems, instead of creating obscure external ones!!

To help myself, first, “focus inward” enough to tackle this head-on, I will:

-Keep up with journaling…it’s been almost a year since I’ve been scribbling my brain out (almost) every night – and it’s helped me sort through a lot!!

-Blog more often…not necessarily an extreme soul-searching post everyday, but something to help me focus on the little things I enjoy. Muffins, fuzzy creatures, glitter, winter, thrift store hauls, gluey crafts, sugar-cookie tea, etc! I want to get myself to center in on these little quirks – blogging about them helps me to feel more appreciation than I would if I just mindlessly let them tick by throughout my day!

-More yoga + meditation…more time just letting my mind drift away without worries being the center focus, in general!!

And, the big, simple, obvious thing I need to work on: just stop worrying over things that either aren’t problems, or don’t even exist!

I can do this. 🙂


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