Smells Like Christmas

I’ve actually been being a weirdo and sleeping in the living room the past few nights.

Because – we got our Christmas tree! Haha, it smells like pine, and pine smells like Christmas, and Christmas makes me giddy…apparently, I sleep more soundly when I’m happy!! (Even if I can only smell it faintly – I have a cold 😦 )

(This will only last a few more nights before my parents cast their intervention)

Sunday was tree-finding day for my dad + me:

Originally, we had an exciting plan to travel down to the state’s biggest Christmas tree farm. (They have carriage rides!)

Instead, we ended up flowing with tradition – the local tree sellers we go to every year. I’m not complaining over it, though! Their little tree line-up is adorable and always boosts the holiday feel.

We’re still going to try to make it down to the big Christmas tree farm before the 25th – for thy carriage rides!

(Look deeply into the above picture…lots ‘o little doggies! They were barking over something of severe alarm (squirrel? groundhog, maybe?) right by the tree shop.)

This weekend: tree decorating, yay!

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