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Chai, Fresh Outta the Oven

My family’s oven is still in a coma, and with less than a week until Christmas, I’m getting antsy!!

Christmas baking + cooking, ack! Something about the season feels lumpy and out of place without it – sweet peppermint cookies help the spirit to bloom!

I fought through the anxiety to a clear mind. Clear minds make plans. (Hopefully good plans!)

Our microwave’s little pizza oven. A slightly awkward, slightly uncertain “eureka” moment!

I decided that for the trial round, to make just a few Chai Spice Scones. I think this was my first time using a mix for baking – it did feel a little restrictive, since I usually play with recipes as I make them. (Probably not always a good habit!!)

Somehow…yay! (The mix was yummy, too!!)

My mom was surprised, hehe. : )

It’s calming to know I have something to untie all of this “no-baking” tension that’s twisted around me!! The scuzzy side is, though, that I can only make small batches at a time, and no cake, muffins, anything the rises too much or doesn’t fit. Cooking is awfully limited, and baking is left to mostly cookies + bars. That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful, though!! It’s an improvement, and I’ll appreciate it as that! : )

Since break started, I’ve also had time for doodling!

Here is a curly-haired, frantic-faced, “huzzah”-ing little boy. : )

Have a fun + happy day – look to the spirit of the holidays to keep your mood up!

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Can’t Catch the (Burnt) Gingerbread Man

Brown rice & teriyaki veggie bowl + string cheese….

…and burnt gingerbread fellows. 😦

Chocolate buttons? Classy, if I do say so myself!!

And that was Saturday. 🙂

Tomorrow – a meditation class at the Unitarian fellowship! Whoo! Perfect to sweep away some tension I don’t want to start the week with. 🙂

Happy Rest-of-Weekend!

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Bake Therapy



Rice, veggie, cheese, beast.

I’m still pretty nervous for Thursday (XC championships)…of course the natural way around this was to bake oatmeal tea bread. 🙂

(Pre-bake…already delicious):

(After bakin’ was commenced):

Recipe adapted from: http://joyinmykitchen.blogspot.com/2011/01/oatmeal-tea-bread.html

Off to school in a second. Drama club + XC practice overlap. 😦 So, I go to drama, then do the workout on my own…which I don’t like to do, at all! I feel like some of my motivation is zapped when I’m not running with the rest of the team.

Later plans: lots of guitar and music!! I’ve been neglecting this lately, and it’s been upsetting me!

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