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Surprise Egg-ttack

….or, “spontaneous egg-splosion”. Or, “sneak egg-sault”. They’re all cheesy enough to apply, so pick your favourite! : )

That shocking story in a wee second!!

Lunch from yesterday –

Quarrel of quinoa, garden veggie tempeh, chayote squash, raw honey, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, lemon zest, and thyme!

This morning’s brekkie…

Today, lunch begun innocently. Well-intentioned!

Hummus resting peacefully upon a sweet ‘tater…

+a happy little persimmon.

But the eggs had a different idea in mind. A devilish plan.

I microwave-cooked them, as my tummy needed immediate fillage. While they were in the microwave, no explosions took place – really special for me! I took them out, commended myself on a clean job, but about ten seconds later…

…one of the yolks popped + exploded! It hurt a little bit – hot egg was not friendly with my arm – but otherwise, the surprise was the worst part! (Has anyone else had this happen? My mom said she’d never had it happen to her before; outside of the ‘wave!)

I poked at this topic yesterday, but I’m really starting to deepen into the idea…pursuing happiness in every little nook! I want to drift naturally toward the building blocks of my life that make me feel light + happy. I want to release stress and tension through every deep, invigorating breath. I want to respect myself – I want to live a life built off of confidence and joy!

I’m also becoming aware off how off-track I’ve skidded, in terms of ED recovery. Especially, because my weight yesterday was its lowest – ever! Saying I’m going to eat more, and that I’m going to stop compulsively obsessing over food, won’t heal me at all until I passionately pursue it. I need to repair my vision of food, and simply loosen my mind…just eat with less thought! Just allow my senses to focus on food, but keep my mind out of it! I’m beginning a new plan for myself, of eating six times per day – no feeling over-stuffed, which as a result, causes me to feel emotionally uncomfortable. Alongside that, incorporating calorie-dense foods (in significant, nonrestrictive portions!!) is a small goal that I know can help me. Really, an opportunity to use more peanut butter…how could I ever let it slip by?! : ) I just need to hold on tightly to my dream of feeling healthy + vibrant!

Aaaanndd, it’s only one week until Christmas – what excuse do I have to not be overjoyed?! : D

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Ugly duckling…

Beautiful swan!

I’m starting holiday break off well! I want to do what makes me happy….pancakes make me happy! : ) So, I invite in the pancakes!

I welcome you too, dainty apple + Nutcracker Sweet tea!

(I’m an absolute novice pancake-chef, though, so I used Nature’s Path buttermilk mix. Still amazing and yummy!)

I’m staying with my goal of positivity – starting, by enjoying the little positive things!

Enjoy the rest of your morning! For me, today is present shopping for my family. : ) Yoga first, then I’m ready to go!

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“Part of Santa’s Complete Breakfast”

A sketch I just barely, slightly started during school today! : )

Maybe the awkwardly missing second eye suggests that it’s a teeny bit too soon to share….?

Still, I’d just like to start talking more about what I’ve been drawing! Even if it’s only in little bits and pieces and scraps, like this.

Then, WIAW!! Again, a friendly get-together of what I’ve eaten the past few days. I cooked a huge-normous batch of brown rice on Sunday, so there’s a bit of a pattern!

Brown rice, avocado, mushrooms (very local – grown about thirty minutes away!), broccoli, SprouTofu + herbs & sea salt.

Siggi’s – just plain!

Brown rice, edamame, goat cheese, spring greenies, broccoli & carrots + lemon zest, s&p.

Peppermint + gingerbread oatmeal! 1/2 cup (dry) oats, with molasses, walnuts, ginger/cinnamon/cloves, crushed gingerbread candy-cane, kefir, and a banana.

…Best-Breakfast Award for this week. : ) Santa-approved, too!

Brown rice, sauteed tofu + veggies.

Romaine, out-of-season strawberries (ah!), olive oil, raw honey. Little and simple!

Casting for drama club’s multi-show show was released today! I’m going to be playing Rebecca Nurse in Crucible, and a little extra role in Titanic. : ) I did a search, and found out that Rebecca Nurse was a real woman, actually accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials! Should make for some super fun character research. : )

Have a beautiful Wednesday evening! (Mine will be spent prepping for three tests tomorrow – ahhh!)

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Sugary Soap Opera: Episode Two

An update from last Wednesday’s dramatic episode: my oven still isn’t fixed. 😦 Well, now, my parents have just decided it’s better to install a new one. I’ve made one batch of “no-bake” cookies this past week, but…it just wasn’t the same!

So, let’s let some positivity shine in – WIAW!! A smattering of what I’ve eaten the last few days! 🙂

(I think cinnamon and bread were the theme this week!!)

Ezekiel English muffin…one half with chocolate-hazelnut butter, Wegman’s Fall Harvest cereal, coconut, and oats – the other, same, except with pumpkin instead of the choco-hazelnut spread (pear + cinnamon on the side!) :

Sandwich with hummus, SprouTofu savory baked tofu, and spring greens:

Sweet tater topped with yoghurt + cinnamon, broccoli with olive oil, and cinnamon tofu:

“Platter” of an egg + bread, carrots with Justin’s maple almond butter, sliced apple with cinnamon, and Siggi’s vanilla skyr:

PB&J oats with pumpy-kin and milk:

“Amy’s” frozen pasta shells…my “lazy” dinner! 🙂 :

Pear + cinnamon:

Teeny salad of butter lettuce + spring greens, with goat cheese, raisins, olive oil, and sea salt:

Bread smeared with hummus, egg + paprika, and Brussels sprouts:

…And a happy WIAW to all!

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Bah, Humbug

Saturday – wheee!

Breakfast… soft natural light, since I’m actually eating breakfast when it’s light outside!

Ezekiel English muffin: one half with pumpkin, coconut, oats and chocolate chips…other half, same, except with chunky peanut butter, instead of pumpy-kin.

+a big sliced pear with cinnamon.

Last night, was drama’s first performance of “Bah Humbug”. (ie, “The Christmas Carol!) Backstage was absolutely hectic (maybe this is just how high school theater always goes!!), but I feel like what the audience did see went well! 🙂

Tonight is performance number two – I’m not my larger role tonight. Instead, just extra “odd-parts” throughout the play. At least from my perspective, it should flow slightly smoother! (No “microphone drama” for me tonight, yay!)

Oh, and school has been the inspiration for some doodles, recently!

For a “Create-Your-Own Political Party” project in history class:

…Mr. Eagle!

For… um, not paying attention in class! (Oops!) :

We’re getting our Christmas tree tomorrow, and my festivity is expanding. 🙂

Happy weekend!!

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Sugar In My Tea

I have finally become bored of living in a black hole! 🙂

I’m zesting up my bedroom. Right now, I’m still in the “clean-up” stage – so space to decorate + customize actually exists!!

Though, I did [get my dad to] hang up a new framed artwork and mirror….that I got at IKEA in April. 🙂 Is this extreme procrastination normal, or am I on a whole new level?!

I had lots of fun at the craft store yesterday.


I've always loved these jars – I've seen them drifting around other blogs before, and thought they were the very-cutest thing ever. Exciting discovery. Probably too exciting for a teenage girl, maybe…? Haha. 🙂

Vases (77 cents each) + decorative leaves, for class. 😀 Because, clearly, I always try my best to be classy.

Cinnamon spice, rocks

(Because, even with the two cinnamon brooms I have laying in my room, it still does not smell enough like cinnamon!)

Mini-tiles, beads….

And an also-very-mini watering pail. 🙂

And, ribbon!

I also got a few bitty clay pots, though I forgot to photograph them!

Food hasn’t been very pretty…and, very repetitive. 😦

“Genesis” bread with sunflower butter, Greek yogurt, apple

My breakfast is some variation of this everyday recently – just a different yogurt, fruit, bread, or nut/seed butter! As long as it stays yummy to me, it works. 🙂 I just wish it was a little more photogenic!!

Oh! And, as if I wasn’t already ahead of myself/the calender with my holiday spirit….sugar cookie tea is bacccckkk!! Haha, now, this is my “offical” start to the holiday season. 😀

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Merry… Halloween?!

Positively impatient weather! —->

Haha, this alone will get me way way too over-festive, way way too early!! (My mention of Christmas crafts a couple of days ago? :))

But, it’s totally a postive thing. 🙂 Winter, the holidays, beautiful snow, gingerbread, the whole “air” of the season, all make me happy. I love to grab onto the opportunity to be so naturally happy, as early as I can! Meaning, I get into the “holiday season” slightly earlier than most people… I’m more on schedule with those holiday-focused commercials/advirtisments… ya know, the ones that are popping up already! 🙂

Too bad it’s already almost all melted away. Shucks! 😦 Well… holiday Clif bars will keep me in the mood!

So will hot tea:

Finally shifting back from iced! Can you see the label?! It’s coconut chocolate! Wow wow wow this is love.

“Yoga Bread” + skyr & pumpkin, and sunflower buttah. Vanilla goat milk yogurt, grapes. 🙂 Potential breakfast staple, so perfect!

Goodnight. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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