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Chai, Fresh Outta the Oven

My family’s oven is still in a coma, and with less than a week until Christmas, I’m getting antsy!!

Christmas baking + cooking, ack! Something about the season feels lumpy and out of place without it – sweet peppermint cookies help the spirit to bloom!

I fought through the anxiety to a clear mind. Clear minds make plans. (Hopefully good plans!)

Our microwave’s little pizza oven. A slightly awkward, slightly uncertain “eureka” moment!

I decided that for the trial round, to make just a few Chai Spice Scones. I think this was my first time using a mix for baking – it did feel a little restrictive, since I usually play with recipes as I make them. (Probably not always a good habit!!)

Somehow…yay! (The mix was yummy, too!!)

My mom was surprised, hehe. : )

It’s calming to know I have something to untie all of this “no-baking” tension that’s twisted around me!! The scuzzy side is, though, that I can only make small batches at a time, and no cake, muffins, anything the rises too much or doesn’t fit. Cooking is awfully limited, and baking is left to mostly cookies + bars. That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful, though!! It’s an improvement, and I’ll appreciate it as that! : )

Since break started, I’ve also had time for doodling!

Here is a curly-haired, frantic-faced, “huzzah”-ing little boy. : )

Have a fun + happy day – look to the spirit of the holidays to keep your mood up!

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“Part of Santa’s Complete Breakfast”

A sketch I just barely, slightly started during school today! : )

Maybe the awkwardly missing second eye suggests that it’s a teeny bit too soon to share….?

Still, I’d just like to start talking more about what I’ve been drawing! Even if it’s only in little bits and pieces and scraps, like this.

Then, WIAW!! Again, a friendly get-together of what I’ve eaten the past few days. I cooked a huge-normous batch of brown rice on Sunday, so there’s a bit of a pattern!

Brown rice, avocado, mushrooms (very local – grown about thirty minutes away!), broccoli, SprouTofu + herbs & sea salt.

Siggi’s – just plain!

Brown rice, edamame, goat cheese, spring greenies, broccoli & carrots + lemon zest, s&p.

Peppermint + gingerbread oatmeal! 1/2 cup (dry) oats, with molasses, walnuts, ginger/cinnamon/cloves, crushed gingerbread candy-cane, kefir, and a banana.

…Best-Breakfast Award for this week. : ) Santa-approved, too!

Brown rice, sauteed tofu + veggies.

Romaine, out-of-season strawberries (ah!), olive oil, raw honey. Little and simple!

Casting for drama club’s multi-show show was released today! I’m going to be playing Rebecca Nurse in Crucible, and a little extra role in Titanic. : ) I did a search, and found out that Rebecca Nurse was a real woman, actually accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials! Should make for some super fun character research. : )

Have a beautiful Wednesday evening! (Mine will be spent prepping for three tests tomorrow – ahhh!)

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Chocolate on Wheels

I want to talk about school! (Don’t run away…or fall asleep at your desk!)

What I do in gifted class is the same as what I do when I’m in my little blogging nook;

Reminisce in my devoted friendship with chocolate!


“Chocolate on Wheels”…my group’s “business”. : ) We were sorted into groups based on “learning type”, every bundle of students containing a few people reflecting each type. 

(Our learning types were also based off of Winnie the Pooh characters – I’m Eeyore, the quiet, artsy one!)

Each group has its own long-term project. We’re about two months into the mission. My group has to plan a business, on a $250,000 budget. The little details + expenses that keep coming up really make it clear why this is a long-term project! We’re a chocolate catering business, like Edible Arrangements, but fancy chocolate instead of fancy fruit! (Either way is fine with me, though : ) )

I love how my group has been handing me all the artistic jobs, though! I drew the logo (above!) over the weekend. I think I’ve found a comfortable place in this assignment! Can’t wait to see how it continues to build over the next couple of months….will we get extra credit in the end if we actually whip up some pretty chocolates? : ) If not, I hope we still do it, because I will eat them. All. 

Language arts! We’ve been flowing lightly this week, welcoming mental relief before the holiday break. Poetry! I love the infinite oppritunities for self-expression available through poetry. (That’s true for any form of art, actually – but poetry almost feels like drawing combined with writing, which is fun, if that makes any sense!) Yesterday, my teacher gave us three photographs, and we had to buddy each with a haiku.

…One! Tropical fish, under-da-sea – 

“Plasma blue streams in

Hugging sea creatures in light

Aquatic tye-dye”

…Two! New York City, during the night – 

“Man-made mountain range

Screams in flourescent colour

Overwhelming noise”

…Three! Snow storm + snowy trees – 

“Gentle crystal hills 

Dusted in powdered sugar

Lofting in the trees”

I also wrote a second haiku for picture number three. I must have subconsciously known I hadn’t fully embraced my oddball-esque heart with the first three!!

“Chilling invasion

Anxious branches cower below

Someone save their souls!”

So, goodnight, and happy WIAW-eve! : )

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