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Surprise Egg-ttack

….or, “spontaneous egg-splosion”. Or, “sneak egg-sault”. They’re all cheesy enough to apply, so pick your favourite! : )

That shocking story in a wee second!!

Lunch from yesterday –

Quarrel of quinoa, garden veggie tempeh, chayote squash, raw honey, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, lemon zest, and thyme!

This morning’s brekkie…

Today, lunch begun innocently. Well-intentioned!

Hummus resting peacefully upon a sweet ‘tater…

+a happy little persimmon.

But the eggs had a different idea in mind. A devilish plan.

I microwave-cooked them, as my tummy needed immediate fillage. While they were in the microwave, no explosions took place – really special for me! I took them out, commended myself on a clean job, but about ten seconds later…

…one of the yolks popped + exploded! It hurt a little bit – hot egg was not friendly with my arm – but otherwise, the surprise was the worst part! (Has anyone else had this happen? My mom said she’d never had it happen to her before; outside of the ‘wave!)

I poked at this topic yesterday, but I’m really starting to deepen into the idea…pursuing happiness in every little nook! I want to drift naturally toward the building blocks of my life that make me feel light + happy. I want to release stress and tension through every deep, invigorating breath. I want to respect myself – I want to live a life built off of confidence and joy!

I’m also becoming aware off how off-track I’ve skidded, in terms of ED recovery. Especially, because my weight yesterday was its lowest – ever! Saying I’m going to eat more, and that I’m going to stop compulsively obsessing over food, won’t heal me at all until I passionately pursue it. I need to repair my vision of food, and simply loosen my mind…just eat with less thought! Just allow my senses to focus on food, but keep my mind out of it! I’m beginning a new plan for myself, of eating six times per day – no feeling over-stuffed, which as a result, causes me to feel emotionally uncomfortable. Alongside that, incorporating calorie-dense foods (in significant, nonrestrictive portions!!) is a small goal that I know can help me. Really, an opportunity to use more peanut butter…how could I ever let it slip by?! : ) I just need to hold on tightly to my dream of feeling healthy + vibrant!

Aaaanndd, it’s only one week until Christmas – what excuse do I have to not be overjoyed?! : D

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What It Means to be Naturally AWESOME!

Release the monster!

"Food?!" (The adults were not generous with him, but I wasn't so strong-willed!!)

The cure for my sweet-potato-hangover!

I hope evverryyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Right now, I’m working on de-cluttering unnecassary stresses from my life + grounding my mind…meaning, hopefully, more frequent posts! 🙂

What it really means to be naturally awesome:

To allow yourself to be peaceful,
to allow yourself to be invigorated,
to allow yourself to be beautiful.

To fearlessly tell limits to take up space some place else, when they try to trick you into believing that they have any sort of power or control.

To sing out loudly, although very much off-key. 😉

To jump around when your’re happy!! Release joy into the open air, where it can flourish and grow, instead of holding it entirely inside until it fades!

To make it to the end, no matter how difficult or winding the maze – you can always turn around if you go the wrong way. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly direct route!

To not let mistakes define how you feel about yourself; chances are, you have much more to be proud of, than you do little mistakes – so, wouldn’t it make more sense to put greater emphasis on the positive?! (If you can focus so hard on even the tiniest amount of “bad”, why can’t you focus on the much heavier good, instead?)

To appreciate and indulge in every little, teeny, happy thing. Do holiday Clif Bars and Christmas radio count? Of course!!

To eat lots and lots of muffins!

To understand that thoughtfulness + charity help yourself in just as many ways as they help others…the perfect two-for-one deal!

To treat your mind with the kindness you would a best friend, and your body with the respect you would a prized possession. Once you can do this, you’ll create a powerful person strong enough to handle anything!

To let positivity be your power supply…

…because negativity is far too costly, and provides very little usable energy!

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