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“Part of Santa’s Complete Breakfast”

A sketch I just barely, slightly started during school today! : )

Maybe the awkwardly missing second eye suggests that it’s a teeny bit too soon to share….?

Still, I’d just like to start talking more about what I’ve been drawing! Even if it’s only in little bits and pieces and scraps, like this.

Then, WIAW!! Again, a friendly get-together of what I’ve eaten the past few days. I cooked a huge-normous batch of brown rice on Sunday, so there’s a bit of a pattern!

Brown rice, avocado, mushrooms (very local – grown about thirty minutes away!), broccoli, SprouTofu + herbs & sea salt.

Siggi’s – just plain!

Brown rice, edamame, goat cheese, spring greenies, broccoli & carrots + lemon zest, s&p.

Peppermint + gingerbread oatmeal! 1/2 cup (dry) oats, with molasses, walnuts, ginger/cinnamon/cloves, crushed gingerbread candy-cane, kefir, and a banana.

…Best-Breakfast Award for this week. : ) Santa-approved, too!

Brown rice, sauteed tofu + veggies.

Romaine, out-of-season strawberries (ah!), olive oil, raw honey. Little and simple!

Casting for drama club’s multi-show show was released today! I’m going to be playing Rebecca Nurse in Crucible, and a little extra role in Titanic. : ) I did a search, and found out that Rebecca Nurse was a real woman, actually accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials! Should make for some super fun character research. : )

Have a beautiful Wednesday evening! (Mine will be spent prepping for three tests tomorrow – ahhh!)

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Can’t Catch the (Burnt) Gingerbread Man

Brown rice & teriyaki veggie bowl + string cheese….

…and burnt gingerbread fellows. 😦

Chocolate buttons? Classy, if I do say so myself!!

And that was Saturday. 🙂

Tomorrow – a meditation class at the Unitarian fellowship! Whoo! Perfect to sweep away some tension I don’t want to start the week with. 🙂

Happy Rest-of-Weekend!

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Bake Therapy



Rice, veggie, cheese, beast.

I’m still pretty nervous for Thursday (XC championships)…of course the natural way around this was to bake oatmeal tea bread. 🙂

(Pre-bake…already delicious):

(After bakin’ was commenced):

Recipe adapted from: http://joyinmykitchen.blogspot.com/2011/01/oatmeal-tea-bread.html

Off to school in a second. Drama club + XC practice overlap. 😦 So, I go to drama, then do the workout on my own…which I don’t like to do, at all! I feel like some of my motivation is zapped when I’m not running with the rest of the team.

Later plans: lots of guitar and music!! I’ve been neglecting this lately, and it’s been upsetting me!

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