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Frohes Fest

“What is your favourite part about the holidays?”

Questioned Hayley’s history teacher, via Smart Board.

Hayley scrawled, “How light-hearted and airy life becomes. Tension hides away in the corner, at least for a couple of weeks!”

Still, she knew she had to tunnel deeper than that. Shovel every extra scrap of gravel away, weave through every artery, kick past all barriers blocking her inmost spirit, until Hayley’s fingertips could brush the response mounted in the bottom of her heart.

Ahah! Found it.

“Also, the heightened social acceptability of replacing meals with chocolate.”

Really, I promise, that was raw genunuity! : )

School today – the flashy neon bridge leading over to holiday break – was just what I thought it would be; smooth, and clear enough for ease of passage!

German holiday card – approriately meshed together during German class. An example of what we accomplished during school today! : )
The other blocks of the day weren’t very different…consumed whole by doodling! (Even if scribbling my wrist to near fracture wasn’t the task…for the circumstances that we were given a casual assignment!)

And, we wrapped up our week-of-poetry in language arts. (With a pretty Christmas bow!) Yesterday, we worked on limericks.

“There once was a girl with a dream,
To travel in a blue time machine.
A quirky Doctor to be her guide,
In a police box that’s much bigger on the inside,
Through the universe’s infinite scheme.”

Happy holidays! Melt into the spirit, let happiness bloom, and appreciate every generous essence of life! (Am I making it obvious that my goal for the next couple of weeks is to embrace positivity?! Try it!! I really, really believe everyone should – take full advantage of the already cheerful season and convert it into solid, positive energy!)

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Chocolate on Wheels

I want to talk about school! (Don’t run away…or fall asleep at your desk!)

What I do in gifted class is the same as what I do when I’m in my little blogging nook;

Reminisce in my devoted friendship with chocolate!


“Chocolate on Wheels”…my group’s “business”. : ) We were sorted into groups based on “learning type”, every bundle of students containing a few people reflecting each type. 

(Our learning types were also based off of Winnie the Pooh characters – I’m Eeyore, the quiet, artsy one!)

Each group has its own long-term project. We’re about two months into the mission. My group has to plan a business, on a $250,000 budget. The little details + expenses that keep coming up really make it clear why this is a long-term project! We’re a chocolate catering business, like Edible Arrangements, but fancy chocolate instead of fancy fruit! (Either way is fine with me, though : ) )

I love how my group has been handing me all the artistic jobs, though! I drew the logo (above!) over the weekend. I think I’ve found a comfortable place in this assignment! Can’t wait to see how it continues to build over the next couple of months….will we get extra credit in the end if we actually whip up some pretty chocolates? : ) If not, I hope we still do it, because I will eat them. All. 

Language arts! We’ve been flowing lightly this week, welcoming mental relief before the holiday break. Poetry! I love the infinite oppritunities for self-expression available through poetry. (That’s true for any form of art, actually – but poetry almost feels like drawing combined with writing, which is fun, if that makes any sense!) Yesterday, my teacher gave us three photographs, and we had to buddy each with a haiku.

…One! Tropical fish, under-da-sea – 

“Plasma blue streams in

Hugging sea creatures in light

Aquatic tye-dye”

…Two! New York City, during the night – 

“Man-made mountain range

Screams in flourescent colour

Overwhelming noise”

…Three! Snow storm + snowy trees – 

“Gentle crystal hills 

Dusted in powdered sugar

Lofting in the trees”

I also wrote a second haiku for picture number three. I must have subconsciously known I hadn’t fully embraced my oddball-esque heart with the first three!!

“Chilling invasion

Anxious branches cower below

Someone save their souls!”

So, goodnight, and happy WIAW-eve! : )

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