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“Part of Santa’s Complete Breakfast”

A sketch I just barely, slightly started during school today! : )

Maybe the awkwardly missing second eye suggests that it’s a teeny bit too soon to share….?

Still, I’d just like to start talking more about what I’ve been drawing! Even if it’s only in little bits and pieces and scraps, like this.

Then, WIAW!! Again, a friendly get-together of what I’ve eaten the past few days. I cooked a huge-normous batch of brown rice on Sunday, so there’s a bit of a pattern!

Brown rice, avocado, mushrooms (very local – grown about thirty minutes away!), broccoli, SprouTofu + herbs & sea salt.

Siggi’s – just plain!

Brown rice, edamame, goat cheese, spring greenies, broccoli & carrots + lemon zest, s&p.

Peppermint + gingerbread oatmeal! 1/2 cup (dry) oats, with molasses, walnuts, ginger/cinnamon/cloves, crushed gingerbread candy-cane, kefir, and a banana.

…Best-Breakfast Award for this week. : ) Santa-approved, too!

Brown rice, sauteed tofu + veggies.

Romaine, out-of-season strawberries (ah!), olive oil, raw honey. Little and simple!

Casting for drama club’s multi-show show was released today! I’m going to be playing Rebecca Nurse in Crucible, and a little extra role in Titanic. : ) I did a search, and found out that Rebecca Nurse was a real woman, actually accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials! Should make for some super fun character research. : )

Have a beautiful Wednesday evening! (Mine will be spent prepping for three tests tomorrow – ahhh!)

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Time Enjoyed Wasting

It is Saturday… Get it?! 🙂 Sat.

That’s why it’s okay that I didn’t get anything productive done. Hehe. 😀

Anyway, I have to remember – “time you enjoy wasting, is not time wasted”! Exactly why, loosely, I could call a day of Pinterest-ing + watching Doctor Who absolutely justifiable!!

At least, it is every once in a while…homework lies on the horizon!

Still, I did learn something today: hummus deserves to be on every salad I make from now on. The occasional globs of hummus + greens were lovely – even though it doesn’t sound too appetizing, verbally!

Monster salad of butter lettuce + spring greens, hummus, an egg, and SprouTofu baked tofu (teriyaki flavour!).

Topped with pepper + sea salt.

Sitting right alongside, a little dish of cranberry granola, kefir, pumpkin, and cinny-mon.

Marking the third can of pumpkin I’ve emptied since ~September – okay, I probably could have done better! Probably my final quota for the “pumpkin season”…with winter beginning to peek in!

***Notice: Do not use your small dog as a pillow! She cannot be trusted, and will leave you late in the night, allowing your neck to flop down in an odd position. The sore neck the next day is (maybe) not worth a few moments of cuddly-puppy-bliss before falling asleep!

One more (manageable!) school week left until holiday break. 🙂 Then, just over half-a-month off!! Sleeeeppppp!!!

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Sugary Soap Opera: Episode Two

An update from last Wednesday’s dramatic episode: my oven still isn’t fixed. 😦 Well, now, my parents have just decided it’s better to install a new one. I’ve made one batch of “no-bake” cookies this past week, but…it just wasn’t the same!

So, let’s let some positivity shine in – WIAW!! A smattering of what I’ve eaten the last few days! 🙂

(I think cinnamon and bread were the theme this week!!)

Ezekiel English muffin…one half with chocolate-hazelnut butter, Wegman’s Fall Harvest cereal, coconut, and oats – the other, same, except with pumpkin instead of the choco-hazelnut spread (pear + cinnamon on the side!) :

Sandwich with hummus, SprouTofu savory baked tofu, and spring greens:

Sweet tater topped with yoghurt + cinnamon, broccoli with olive oil, and cinnamon tofu:

“Platter” of an egg + bread, carrots with Justin’s maple almond butter, sliced apple with cinnamon, and Siggi’s vanilla skyr:

PB&J oats with pumpy-kin and milk:

“Amy’s” frozen pasta shells…my “lazy” dinner! 🙂 :

Pear + cinnamon:

Teeny salad of butter lettuce + spring greens, with goat cheese, raisins, olive oil, and sea salt:

Bread smeared with hummus, egg + paprika, and Brussels sprouts:

…And a happy WIAW to all!

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