Sugar In My Tea

I have finally become bored of living in a black hole! 🙂

I’m zesting up my bedroom. Right now, I’m still in the “clean-up” stage – so space to decorate + customize actually exists!!

Though, I did [get my dad to] hang up a new framed artwork and mirror….that I got at IKEA in April. 🙂 Is this extreme procrastination normal, or am I on a whole new level?!

I had lots of fun at the craft store yesterday.


I've always loved these jars – I've seen them drifting around other blogs before, and thought they were the very-cutest thing ever. Exciting discovery. Probably too exciting for a teenage girl, maybe…? Haha. 🙂

Vases (77 cents each) + decorative leaves, for class. 😀 Because, clearly, I always try my best to be classy.

Cinnamon spice, rocks

(Because, even with the two cinnamon brooms I have laying in my room, it still does not smell enough like cinnamon!)

Mini-tiles, beads….

And an also-very-mini watering pail. 🙂

And, ribbon!

I also got a few bitty clay pots, though I forgot to photograph them!

Food hasn’t been very pretty…and, very repetitive. 😦

“Genesis” bread with sunflower butter, Greek yogurt, apple

My breakfast is some variation of this everyday recently – just a different yogurt, fruit, bread, or nut/seed butter! As long as it stays yummy to me, it works. 🙂 I just wish it was a little more photogenic!!

Oh! And, as if I wasn’t already ahead of myself/the calender with my holiday spirit….sugar cookie tea is bacccckkk!! Haha, now, this is my “offical” start to the holiday season. 😀

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